Using Checklists to Increase Consistency and Productivity

Using Checklists to Increase Consistency and Productivity
ONLINE REGISTRATION FOR THIS WEBINAR IS NOW CLOSED. If you would still like to register, contact Deborah Krat ( Everyone wants a quick fix, a new shiny app to solve all of their problems. A checklist is not a sexy tool, but the right checklist, one personalized for you and your publication task, can make a big impact in your productivity and consistency. But don't pull a random checklist off the web; come to this webinar to learn how to make your own personalized checklist that can help you differentiate workflows, systems, and activities; spell out style and formatting details, track your progress, document metrics, and give you a sense of completion and peace of mind. Whether you currently use checklists or not, this webinar will teach you how to take your checklists to the next level.
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