STC's 2018 membership season is now open! 


The key values of STC membership are access to best-in-class technical communication education and training programs, career developmentprofessional networking opportunities, and exclusive member benefits . STC membership helps support the mission of STC to advance the theory and practice of technical communication, a mission that benefits consumers worldwide.

Please use this page to change your STC membership type. Don't forget to save your membership selections at the bottom of each page.

Does your organization have 5 or more technical writers on staff wanting to join STC? If so, look into our Corporate Value Program (CVP) membership to save on dues for your staff. Click here for details.
For information on adjusted dues for Emerging Nations, click here .

Retired membership renewals must be completed by paper form, or by contacting STC offices at (703) 522-4114. Online renewals for retired members is not available. To qualify for retired membership, you must be 65 years of age or older, working 20 hours or less in the field, and be a consecutive member of STC for 10 years or more. For more information about our retiree membership, contact us at

Because the full range of STC products and services is available to members immediately upon joining or renewingSTC dues are nonrefundable.

The STC is a U.S. based company and all rates and fees listed are in U.S. dollars (USD).

Gold Member

Quickly becoming one of STC's most popular categories, Gold membership includes access to all Professional & Academic (formerly known as Classic) member benefits, plus 10 printed issues of Intercom magazine, free registration for five webinars, additional 20% discount on all online courses, free access to the Salary Database, Early Bird rate for the Summit until 1 March, and one chapter and all selected Special Interest Groups (SIGs) of your choice. Additional chapters can be added for a fee of $25 each. Dues - $197.50 USD
Professional & Academic Member

STC's Professional & Academic (formerly known as Classic) membership category is for the more seasoned professional with four or more years of experience. Those who choose Professional & Academic membership have access to the online versions of Intercom, Technical Communication, STC's Salary Survey, and other ePublications. They can also take advantage of member-only discounts on all STC educational webinars, online courses, STC's certification exam, annual conference registration, and corporate partner products and services. The Professional & Academic membership also includes a personalized Education Report Card, and Job Bank and Mentor Board access. Additional communities can be added for a fee. Dues - $75.00 USD (Previously $225.00 in 2017)
New Professional Member

New Professional 
members receive all Professional & Academic benefits at a discounted rate. To qualify for the Professional membership rate, individuals must have graduated from a college/university within the past three years. Dues - $112.00 USD

Student Member

members receive all Professional & Academic member benefits, plus one professional chapter, one student chapter, one Academic and one additional Special Interest Group (SIG) membership. To be eligible for student membership, an applicant must be enrolled in an accredited university, college, community college, or technical school; taking at least two courses or the equivalent each term; and preparing for a career in technical communication. Additional communities can be added for a fee. Dues - $45.50 USD