Back to (Tech Comm) School! Better & Stronger Software

Back to (Tech Comm) School! Better & Stronger Software
ONLINE REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. If you would still like to register, contact Deborah Krat ( It's back to school time, so why not take some time to learn some solid tips and tricks to hit the ground running. Not in the boring "sit down, take notes, and only 10% of it will every apply" learning though. The cool stuff where you say to yourself "yup, THAT will save me time" or "wow, I cannot believe I didn't always do it THIS way"! Want to build a list of every graphic across 10 folders? Need a quick way to ID which steps are WAY too long? Need to clean up legacy content with ZERO budget? I'll show about a dozen solid tips and tricks to make it easier to work less, and deliver more. From simple tips in Adobe TCS and MS Office, to using the tools together to make delivery of a report easier, my goal is to give users (novice to expert) at least 4 (or more) tips to make your job faster and simpler.
2/21/2018 - 2/21/2018

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