SME Management: How to Work with Subject Matter Experts

SME Management: How to Work with Subject Matter Experts
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As instructional designers and content writers, we often get the unique opportunity to get exposed to volumes of knowledge in raw format from the most diverse areas. This knowledge is passed to us by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) that might not have the competence to describe it, format it, and transmit it in a way that others can understand and more importantly, apply it to solve problems and challenges in their lives. In that sense, we help bridge the gap in knowledge management: from tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge.

Such an admirable job comes with a caveat. SMEs might have limited time to work with us, or perhaps is not willing to do it. Sometimes they are just not the best expert to work with us. How can we work with them and achieve our goals under these conditions?

This webinar will guide you to:

  • Identify levels of competence on SMEs
  • Describe specific challenges in SME management
  • Apply strategies to overcome such challenges
3/13/2020 - 3/13/2020
United States

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