Get Noticed, Get Hired With a Better Resume

Get Noticed, Get Hired With a Better Resume
Of all prospective employees, technical writers should have the most consistent, clear, and usable resumes, right? As a hiring manager, I’ve seen technical writers who say they “know” Word, but their resumes are poorly designed and don’t leverage Word’s features to present a useful, usable document as evidence of this. When their resume shows a lack of care, a manager of technical writers may assume the same level of care will be brought to the job.

Consequently, many technical writing applicants are overlooked or placed lower in the pile. A well-designed resume with quantifiable accomplishments help technical writers not only showcase their document design skills, but also their ability to reach a specific audience, in a specific context, for the right purpose (to land an interview). Technical writers should showcase their skills in all writing samples, including their resumes, CVs, cover letters, and websites/portfolios, and this class will show how to do exactly that.
9/1/2021 - 9/22/2021
United States

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