Kanban Lessons Learned: Become More Efficient

Kanban Lessons Learned: Become More Efficient
You’re working in an Agile environment where development teams use Scrum or Kanban. Maybe your team handles multiple projects across multiple streams, and you pride yourself on having excellent customer service and delivery rates. You’ve also heard Kanban is like Scrum without the training wheels, but you’re not convinced it gains your team anything efficiency-wise. Is your team able to keep up with the demand of work? Do they work with a sense of urgency, yet velocity remains the same? Are outside dependencies killing cycle times? Do they have time for peer reviews? Do metrics show their progress? This case study shows how a video gaming technology company with an advanced Agile implementation has honed their documentation team’s Kanban process over the last 3 years to gain efficiencies, reduce bottlenecks, and work with a spirit of continuous improvement. In this presentation, we'll explore challenges common to managers with writers in the Kanban process and practical takeaways for how to help your team tweak the process to gain a happier Kanban life.
9/11/2020 - 9/11/2020
United States

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