Technical Knowledge: Rethinking Tech Comm Teams

Technical Knowledge: Rethinking Tech Comm Teams

In a product setting, technical communication exists for one reason: to enable users to accomplish their goals with the product. To successfully accomplish this goal, we need to break down the traditional organizational silos of Documentation, Training, Product and Support, and move to conversation to a higher level: one of Technical Knowledge.

With Technical Knowledge as the focus, each of these areas is empowered and equipped to think about the problem from a unique perspective and to collaboratively - and proactively - come up with the best solution for the user from the early product design stages.

Join this webinar to learn more about one team's journey in rethinking Technical Communication teams. Listen to the stories and lessons learned during that process to understand how you can rethink your own Technical Communication work to elevate the conversation and the impact of what we do.

6/17/2020 - 6/17/2020
United States

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