The Unified Content Repository: How to Break Down Silos

The Unified Content Repository: How to Break Down Silos
Managing content across multiple systems is a headache. The more content, the more systems, the bigger the headache.

At Ingeniux, we’ve experienced this first-hand with a number of our clients – and we know what you can do about it. The goal is relatively simple: Unify the content library in a single application and deliver that content wherever necessary. But, you also need a solution that can support multiple authors, enable content reuse, provide metadata, integrate with third-party applications, and more. Sound impossible? We’re here to show you that it’s not.

A Unified Content Repository is a solution that can manage content across the company and provides powerful content delivery and personalization functionality.

In this webinar, we’ll demonstrate how to break down silos and unify the content management and delivery experience with a Unified Content Repository that meets today’s complex content needs.

5/6/2020 - 5/6/2020
United States

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