Creating Information 4.0-Design What Nobody Knows Yet

Creating Information 4.0-Design What Nobody Knows Yet
ONLINE REGISTRATION FOR THIS COURSE IS NOW CLOSED. If you would still like to register, contact Deborah Krat ( In this revolution, the product of autonomous objects and deep learning algorithms, information is key, not only to understanding how things work, but to actually making them work. But the technologists developing it can't do it alone - or even at all. This course leads you through these new developments, and the role information needs to play in it. It introduces some new concepts that will affect how TC's produce, validate, and deliver information, and some questions about roles and responsibilities that arise from these changes. You'll work hands-on to master techniques for dealing with the unknown, in a changing world that is quickly becoming the new reality for many TC's. The sessions are highly interactive, and we discuss and debate both theory and practice as we move through the exercises.
9/5/2018 - 10/10/2018

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