Make Change Happen: Build a Business Case

Make Change Happen: Build a Business Case
This is an Asynchronous online course and there is no time range. All attendees must complete this course within the 6-week timeframe. Note: Attendees will meet for one-hour live chat sessions with the instructor before the second and fifth sessions to discuss the progress and final of the course. These two sessions will take place on Wednesday, 14 February at Noon-1:00 PM EST (GMT-5), and Wednesday, 7 March at Noon-1:00 PM EST (GMT-5). This course is designed to empower people to influence change in their companies. Whether you have identified the need for new tools, resources, or process, your company is looking to you to make a case that answers some key questions before they’ll buy-in to your recommendation: Why, How, and How Much? As a technical communicator, you learn about new tools and methods constantly. Yet you may not be equipped with the necessary confidence and language to sell an idea back to your company. So…how do you influence positive change?
2/6/2018 - 3/13/2018

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