Introduction to Content Strategy

Introduction to Content Strategy
Is your organization’s content inconsistent in format and voice? Are you left out of important conversations that could make the resulting content better? Are you frustrated by trying to deliver content that satisfies the organization’s goals while working for the audience? If so, you’re not alone. Learn the best practices for developing useful, usable, effective content for your organization’s top-priority audiences. And come away with an actionable plan for planning, evaluating, producing, and governing your content. This six-session course enables you to understand what a content strategy is, how it can help your organization, the work involved in creating and executing a content strategy, and how to sustain it over time. Covering all the essentials of content strategy, this course will help your organization plan, create, manage, publish, and promote content in a way that increased its effectiveness.
10/20/2020 - 12/1/2020
United States

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