Using the Power of FrameMaker to Get Back to Writing

Using the Power of FrameMaker to Get Back to Writing

You’re a writer and a communicator. So why spend up to half of your documentation time being a desktop publisher? Or an web designer?

What if you could rely on then things you set in your documents: your numbering, your page breaks, and your cross-references?

What if you could instantly publish whenever you want, to whatever format you needed? If you were using Adobe FrameMaker to manage your content, you wouldn’t be wondering these things; you’d be too busy creating and editing useful content.

Matt Sullivan has been helping organizations large and small implement template-based workflows for over twenty years. He consistently reduces the time spent on documentation by 30% or more, while simultaneously improving the consistency, branding, and organization of their content.

This six week course will teach you rock-solid techniques for creating and managing your content that are guaranteed to make you a more productive, more focused content creator. See the outline below to understand how this results-oriented course is going to help you get your documents under control.

6/16/2020 - 7/14/2020
United States

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