Content Strategy for Internal Stakeholders

Content Strategy for Internal Stakeholders
If your content doesn't reach the right internal audiences, they're not going to be able to act on it or support it, and that can lead to even bigger problems. Geographic, cultural, language and functional differences mean that our employees have diverse interest in and understanding of our content. Content strategists must account for these differences and make sure that stakeholders get content in the needed format, in the right language, and with the right tone and purpose for their internal channels. In this collaborative three-week class, you’ll learn how to think through the internal implications of content, identify your organization’s barriers to free information flow, and revise project plans so that you have greater chances of success and a common understanding. Background reading and class discussion will help tailor your project plans. During the three-week course we will discuss how to:
• Define and map the stakeholders
• Better understand the interests of internal audiences
• Engage partners who can help you reach those audiences
• Overcome barriers and global limits
3/29/2021 - 4/12/2021

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