Content Strategy: Plan Produce, Publish

Content Strategy: Plan Produce, Publish
This interactive and hands-on workshop will provide you the chance to be involved in planning the life of content from creation to archiving. You then will follow the plan to produce content that meets the needs of your audiences (yes, more than one). Ultimately, you will deliver the content in multiple formats, for multiple types of readers, on any device. You also will touch on several components of a content strategy and then implement aspects of all of it.

During the session there will be a chance to work in groups, interact, share experiences, and discuss the ways that the real-world needs of content impact the way we work. A plan is made, expectations set. Content is created, tools are explored. Once delivered you can see the results on YOUR device. Real-time, live, and with practical examples.
6/6/2021 - 6/6/2021
United States

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