Managing Templates for Maximum Content Efficiency

Managing Templates for Maximum Content Efficiency
ONLINE REGISTRATION FOR THIS WEBINAR IS NOW CLOSED. If you would still like to register, contact Deborah Krat ( You did it! You used the quick wins from Matt's first webinar in this series to gain some cred and to carve out the time and money needed to really get moving. Then, you used the techniques Bernard showed you to straighten out your content and get it ready for a truly managed environment. So now what?! Join Matt Sullivan for the third webinar in this series, as he discusses template management for both structured and unstructured content. Matt will show you how he developed the templates for his own FrameMaker reference books and workbooks. He'll also show you how you can easily modify the templates for standard structure models like DITA.
10/5/2017 - 10/5/2017

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