A “Brand” New Approach to Building Your Personal Brand

A “Brand” New Approach to Building Your Personal Brand
In this interactive webinar, you will learn how to “elevate your relevance” by building and maintaining a strong personal brand in the technology sphere. All too often, writers and content creators are overlooked as the strong anchors to development, even though we all know our contributions are essential for strong documentation. This webinar is applicable not just for writers, though • anyone looking to advance their profile, seek a promotion, or just to be included on the most interesting projects will take away valuable tools and tips. Building your personal brand is an ongoing process and involves much, much more than just occasionally updating LinkedIn or retweeting company content. Together, we’ll explore the best of the available tools, from Blogs to TikTok, to make sure you are the one whose name comes up when you aren’t in the room • in the very best ways!

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