Remote Usability Testing On a Budget

Remote Usability Testing On a Budget
No one really knows what the work environment post-pandemic will look like, but one thing we can probably count on is that more work will likely be conducted remotely. In addition, as a 2019 Pew Research Center study indicates, more people than ever own a smartphone and will more than likely be attempting to do some of that remote work on their smartphones. Part of what technical communicators do is help ensure their work and the applications they support are in fact usable on an array of mobile technologies. But how can a usability specialist conduct a remote usability testing session on a smartphone? During this webinar, I will offer tips and suggestions—as well as recommend some budget friendly software—for conducting remote usability tests. Included in my discussion will be an overview of some options technical communicators can use to remotely test their products on a typical desktop computer. I will also demonstrate how technical communicators can use some of those same techniques to conduct remote usability test on mobile technologies. Both topics should be useful to anyone as they prepare for the post-pandemic workplace environment.
5/26/2021 - 5/26/2021
United States

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