Advanced Technical Editing

Advanced Technical Editing
THIS COURSE HAS BEEN PUSHED BACK TO 24 JANUARY 2019. Today, technical editors need to wield both the power of writing and editing in a technologically driven landscape. From working with clients using hard-copy documentation to dealing with content developed with various forms of media, technical editors need to maneuver through spaces where they are the people who help to clean up content, who help to shape the content to be created, and who help to develop strategies to give a client's content continuity across multiple platforms. In Advance Technical Editing, editor and educator Shonell Bacon guides students through a six-week course that examines aspects, such as the basic editing procedure; the nuts and bolts of style, grammar, punctuation, and formatting; the importance of being both writer and editor; strategies for editing visual content and websites; and editing in the era of social media.
1/24/2019 - 2/28/2019

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