Technological Adaptability: Develop Basic Technical Skills

Technological Adaptability: Develop Basic Technical Skills
THIS COURSE HAS BEEN PUSHED TO 5 JULY-9 AUGUST. Technological adaptability is the ability to learn technology quickly or deal with technology issues efficiently and with confidence. A required skill for technical communicators today, we can expect even more need for this skill as we move into a future filled with interesting technology. In this course, participants will learn about technological adaptability and the vital need for this skill in our field. They will learn how to cultivate this skill and then expand upon it. Participants will learn subskills that will assist with adaptability. Practice exercises will provide participants the opportunity to build adaptability skills while learning about Microsoft Office products. The ideal participant for this workshop will be a student or a new communicator in the field who has little technical knowledge or struggles with technology.
7/5/2018 - 8/9/2018

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