Upside Down, Inside Out, and Other Acrobatics forÊOrganizing
Just like an acrobat, content for your many publications can be shaped into different forms. Topics can be organized like a pyramid, with the most important content at the top and the least important at the bottom; or like an inverted pyramid, topics can built to a crescendo, an ah-hah moment, or even a punch line. Content can start from the inside-with the miniscule, the details, the examples-and build outward to a generalization. Besides this inductive method of organization, there is the deductive approach in which the publication progresses from a generalization to the specifics. In this webinar, we will look at examples for organizing your content, with its many twists and turns. This webinar will cover: " Signals and cues that writers can use to help the reader understand how content is organized, resulting in improved mastery of the content " Examples of various organizational patterns " Mind maps, card sorts, and other tools for organizing content
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